Pubic Area Appears Bigger After Tummy Tuck

Q: I’m now 6 weeks post-Tummy Tuck, and I am pleased with the results. However, I’m bothered that my pubic area appears to be 2-3 centimeters higher/bigger that it was pre-operation. My underwear used to cover the area completely, but now they don’t. Is this normal? Will the skin eventually stretch back to its place?

A: Your pubic area is higher after a tummy tuck.  During the operation, some of the skin between your pubic area and lower rib cage is removed. After the procedure is complete the remaining skin is sewn together.  The pubic area is pulled to a higher position.  An easy fix if this higher position is bothersome to you would be to remove the upper portion of your pubic hair.  Shaving is the quickest way, but removing the hair at the root may give a better cosmetic appearance.  Consider waxing or even laser hair reduction.