In Case Some Form of Skin Excision is Required. How Many Different Techniques Are There?

Q: In case some form of skin excision is required. How many different techniques on how to excise the skin is there?. If skin excision = will have a scar. What are the different excision option. If Liposuction alone may result in more skin redundancy?

Male gynecomastia

A: It is difficult to tell right now if you will need skin excision.  When evaluating a male patient for breast reduction, I first determine if there is actual breast tissue or simply fatty tissue under the nipple.  If it is just fatty tissue, I would recommend liposuction alone and then waiting to see how much the skin will contract by itself over the next 3-6 months.  If there is a significant amount of breast tissue, I would recommend a semicircular incision above the nipple areola complex to allow removal of the breast tissue.  I would still not recommend performing a skin excision at the same time because that would require a more extensive scar.  I would again recommend waiting 3-6 months to see how much the skin contracts.  Even if the skin does not shrink completely, postponing the skin excision allows your surgeon to make a smaller scar.