Swelling After Tumescent Liposuction?


I had Tumescent Liposuction on my upper and lower abdomen 5 days ago, is the pulling pain in my lower ab normal when i stand the first few minutes?

I also feel that my lower belly still looks the same. My upper abs look way flatter, could it be swelling? It looked perfect immediately after the procedure and it swelled for 2 days and on day 3 it looked flat, but now I am concern because it is poofy and jiggly

A: I am not too concerned about the pain you are describing.  Your surgery was quite recent.  The swelling should probably be evaluated by your surgeon.  If you are standing  frequently, it may be that gravity has caused the swelling (edema) after surgery to accumulate in your lower abdomen.  If this is the case, wear your garment religiously according to your surgeon’s instructions, rest as much as possible and talk to your surgeon about lymphatic drainage massage.  The reason I suggest a follow up visit is the possibility of a seroma.  A seroma is a collection of fluid that sometimes needs to be drained in the office.