Is This Skin Dimpling/looseness 2 Weeks Postop from Liposuction Permanent?

Q:  I had liposuction about 2 weeks ago (tumescent/fluid) of my flanks and inner thighs. Im noticing on my sides that the skin appears slightly loose/dimply. I wear the compression garment 24 hours a day and I am relatively young (28yrs old)/heal pretty well usually. Will this lumpiness resolve itself over time or is this loose skin look permanent? Does my skin need time to “shrink”?

A:  It is normal to have loose skin and some lumpiness 2 weeks after liposuction.  I advise my patients it will take 6-12 months to see their final result.  I expect you to have some skin shrinkage during that time.  I generally recommend lymphatic massage of the liposuctioned areas to help decrease lumpiness – talk to your surgeon for his or her recommendations