I Had a Liver Transplant 2 Years Ago. I Am in Excellent Health. Could I Get Liposuction on Thighs?

Q:  I had a liver transplant 2 years ago. I’m in excellent health now and have had no complications at all. I do take prograf 6 mg. daily I would love to get lipo on thighs, the kind where you are not knocked out, just numb. Would this be too drastic a procedure for a post transplant patient.

A:  I am thrilled to hear you are doing so well 2 years after liver transplant!  I wouldn’t recommend elective cosmetic surgery for you because your immune system is suppressed.  Prograf is essential to keep your body from rejecting the liver, but it lowers your body’s ability to fight infection following surgery.  Infection is one of the top complications of liposuction – even liposuction performed under local anesthesia would pose this risk.  Best of luck!