Will Filling out the Lateral Buttock with Fat Grafting Make my Hips Look Rounder? Im 23, 5’11 166lbs

Q:Hello, I’m a 23 year old female that is currently looking for a Doc. I plan on getting fat grafting to my buttock/hips in june of 2013! Im’ 5’11, 166lbs with annoying fat in my midsection. I wanted to have fat grafted to my hips but i heard that FG to the hips always reabsorbs! Will filling out my lateral buttock still give me that curvy look form the front? I don’t want to waste the little fat I have on my hips if if can be used to enhance my booty

A: Thanks for your question.  It sounds like you might be a great candidate for fat grafting to the butt and hips.  The fat grafting procedures also involve liposculpture of your mid section to give you the hourglass figure you are seeking.  Fat grafted to the hips has the same chance of survival as fat grafted to the buttocks.  Certainly, not all fat will survive the transfer, but fat on the hips is no more likely to resorb than fat on the butt.