What Shape Buttocks Do I Have and Am I Suitable for BBL?

Q:  i am wondering whether I need to lose weight before my surgery, I really am unhappy with my excess fat around my top inner thigh bulge , stomach and back fat. I am 30lbs over my ideal top weight, I am 5ft 3 and 158 lbs. My max ideal weight is 128lbs. I think I have flat square buttocks…I have firm elastic skin, no stretch marks, two pregnancies, stomach unchanged after both pregnancies. Thank you in advance!

A:  I perform a lot of Brazilian Butt Lifts in my Atlanta surgery center.  In my experience, women who are 10-15 pounds over their ideal body weight have GREAT results.  This generally gives me plenty enough fat to harvest and leaves you looking great and not needing to lose a lot (if any) more weight after surgery.  You are describing excellent skin with good elasticity so I am anticipating you will have wonderful results from the liposuction portion of the procedure as well.