What Do They Look for when They Do Bloodwork for the Butt Augmentation Surgery?

Q:  What do they look for when they do bloodwork for the butt augmentation surgery?

A:  For a young, healthy patient, I am most concerned about checking a blood count for anemia (low red blood cell count).  Having anemia before surgery increases your risk for complications.  Additional lab work or studies may be indicated based on your health history, such as coagulation studies and electrolyte counts.  If your blood does not clot properly, you are at increased risk for bleeding during and following surgery.  If you have the tendency to produce too many clots, you could form a serious blood clot in the lung (pulmonary embolism) after laying down for a prolonged time during surgery and your recovery.  Electrolyte imbalances, though rare, need to be corrected prior to anesthesia.  Talk to your plastic surgeon as well as your regular doctor about your history and what tests you will need prior to surgery.