Is Wearing a Garment After Having a Brazilian Butt Lift Flattening my Butt?

Q: I am 2 weeks post op and got 1400 cc’s to each cheek. The volume in my buttocks has gone down considerably and I would guess I have about 70% of what I had to start out with. I have gone a few days without the garment. What I want to know is if the garment actually helps improve blood circulation to the buttocks or if I am ok just wearing a waist cincher or some other alternative compression garment that compresses from the waist up. I have no more bruising and there is minimal swelling left

A: Thank you for your question.  The amount of volume loss you have experienced (about 30%) is typical at this stage in your recovery.  Immediately after a Brazilian Butt lift, your buttocks are swollen.  As you heal, this swelling will go down resulting in some volume loss.  It is also possible that some of the transferred fat did not survive.  Neither of these conditions is related to the garment.  The garment is important both for shaping the buttocks and for shaping the areas where fat was harvested.  Sometimes you can change garments if the one used initially is uncomfortable, but please consult with your surgeon before making any changes in your post operative care.  It sounds like you are going to be quite pleased with your final result.