How to Get a Big Butt?

Q:  My butt has no shape to it! what can i do to give a more rounded look?  Does this require plastic surgery?

A: There are several options for buttock enlargement.  The simplest and most reversible is wearing a padded undergarment.  You can attempt to increase your gluteal (buttock) muscle mass with exercise – mainly lunges and squats.  If these methods are ineffective for you, you can consider plastic surgery.  There are two FDA-approved methods of surgical butt enhancement – buttock implants and fat grafting to the buttocks.  Implants are silcone that are surgically inserted.  Fat grafting (the Brazilian Butt Lift) involves the use of liposuction to remove unwanted fat from other areas of the body and inject that same fat into the buttocks to achieve a beautiful lower body!