Help for More Gut than Butt?

Q:  I was considering a TT, however I have what my family calls mo gut then but. In short my stomach is bigger then my behind. I am wondering if a BBL would help me more then a TT. I have some booty, but could uae some shapeing and some rounder hips.I have enough fat to graff and the BBL could kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

A:  It is hard to tell whether you need a tummy tuck without pictures or an exam.  Assuming that you are a candidate for both procedures, it may be possible to combine the BBL with a tummy tuck.  It will depend on your health and risk factors.  You will need to consult with a plastic surgeon in order to determine if this is a good option for you.  I frequently combine a tummy tuck with Brazilian Butt Lift in my Atlanta surgery center.  I do warn my patients that operating on the front and back of the body in one day can make recovery a little tricky since you should not lay or sit on your enhanced buttocks for the first two weeks.  Many of my patients have managed the first week or two using a maternity pillow to position themselves on their sides.  I also want to point out that several of my patients who thought they needed a tummy tuck had great results with liposuction of the abdomen alone – it really depends how much of your “gut” is extra skin and how much your skin can contract after liposuction.  Check this result!