Can Fat Be Transferred from One Place to Another and What Would the Price Range for Surgery Be?

Q: I am a plus sized person and i would like to get surgery to make my stomach and thigh areas smaller. Can the fat taken from them be used to make my hips and butt bigger and if so what would the price range be for this. P.S ( i live in South Carolina so are there any recommendation where i could get this done.)

A: Thank you for your question.  It sounds like you are interested in fat grafting to the buttocks and hips.  This procedure involves liposuction to create a nice shape and injection of some of the harvested fat to help round out the hips and buttocks.  You could possibly be a candidate for additional procedures as well such as more extensive liposuction and/or a tummy tuck.  Cost for the procedure(s) is variable.  It will depend on the experience of your surgeon, the area of the country where you choose to have the procedure and on whether or not you opt to add additional procedures