Butt Enhancement After Butt injections?

Q:  I had butt injections 1 1/2 yr ago and was considering a much bigger bum, but not sure about butt implants what would you recommend implants or injections? Photo enclosed what procedure is this? and the starting price?

A:  The attached photo is of one of my patients who had fat grafting to the buttocks, also called Brazilian Butt lift.  Fat grafting after “butt injections” is tricky.  It depends on what you had injected and the shape your buttocks are in after that procedure.  If you had fat grafting to the buttocks, it may be possible to repeat that procedure to enlarge your butt.  It will depend on whether or not you have any more fat to harvest.  If you had silicone, hydrogel or other black market products injected into your bum, further surgery may not be possible.  Please consider scheduling a consultation.