Brazilian Butt Lift: Scared of Anesthesia and Recovery. What to Expect?

Q: I am scheduled to do the Brazilian Butt Lift with a Board Certified Surgeon in Florida. My fear is, I have NEVER had any type of surgical procedure before and i am TERRIFIED of the Anesthesia. Scared on what it may feel like and the process of it! I am also scared of the recovery process and the time frame to be back to normal. Your input is VERY appreciated! xo

A:Congratulations!  You have already made a great decision by insisting on a plastic surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  My colleagues and I are highly trained in safe surgical procedures as well as recognizing and treating any potential complications (which are rare for healthy individuals).  It is perfectly normal to be nervous about anesthesia, but you won’t feel or remember a thing!  Follow your surgeon’s pre-operative instructions to a tee!  You will likely be given a sedative in the pre-operative area and the next thing you know, a member of your doctor’s team will be telling you it’s all over.  You will spend the next hours in the recovery area where a nurse will monitor your vital signs and teach you how to care for yourself at home!  Talk to your doctor about your recovery time.  I usually recommend my patients set aside 2 weeks to recover.