Brazilian Butt Lift and Face/chin Lipo?

Q:  hi, i live in new orleans n i had a c section 4 months ago, cus of pregnancy my body has no shape n have extra skin on belly area. i read doctors dont recommend to get a tummy tuck n a brazilian butt lift together, so i decided to get the brazilian butt lift with a face/ chin lipo together (if possible) i thought about doing it in another country but it scares me so i need to find a good doctor here that wont charge much to get it done, any suggestions/prices?

A:  Thank you for your question about combining Brazilian Butt Lift with other cosmetic procedures.  I actually do perform BBL and tummy tuck at the same time.  I find that a lot of my Butt Augmentation patients are concerned about the appearance of their abdomen and desire to address both issues at the same time. Recovery can be a bit tricky since you will not be able to lay on your back and your abdomen will also be uncomfortable.  A lot of my patients have had success using a maternity pillow to help position themselves on their sides.  I cannot guarantee you are a candidate without a consultation, but it may be possible to take care of both procedures at the same time!