19 Year Old, with 34DD Breasts(almost E Cup)?

Q:  I’m 19 years old, 5″2 and 120 pounds. I have very large breasts that leave my back in constant pain and my neck also. I was wondering if it was safe to go from a 34DD cup to a B cup? I’m too tiny for these massive things on my chest!! Aha someone help! Thanks a lot

A:  At age 19, I expect your breasts are fully developed.  It sounds as if you have significant symptoms related to your overly large breasts (macromastia).  You are probably a great candidate for a breast reduction surgery.  My breasts reduction patients are some of the happiest women I have met!  Please understand that this procedure does produce scars on the breasts, but they are not generally visible under a bra or bikini top. Sometimes breast reduction surgery is covered (at least in part) by your health insurance.  For that reason, I recommend scheduling a visit with your primary care physician.  Most insurance companies require you to be at a healthy weight (which you are) and that you try conservative therapies – like pain medication and physical therapy first.  Medical records from your regular doctor showing that these therapies have not worked as well as documentation of any skin rashes or shoulder grooves you may have can support your insurance claim.  I recommend you choose a board certified plastic surgeon who performs breast reduction surgery frequently.  Best of luck!