Will a 330 Silicone Implant Give Me a Full B Cup?

Q: I’m currently an A cup. I was a small B cup before nursing my two lil ones. At the initial consultation,I told my PS I want to be a full B cup,maybe a small C, want natural looking breast that fit my frame and don’t want my breast tissue to look stretch. PS recommended a 330 moderate profile, silicone implant placed behind the muscle. After looking at before and after photos on the internet,I think 330cc may be too big. I like the full B results. At the pre-op,PS still recommended 330s.Too big?

A: This is an extremely common question, but it is very tough to answer for several reasons.  First, cup sizing is not uniform among bra manufacturers or between bra styles.  A B-cup in one store may be an A- cup or C-cup at a different store.  Many of my patients tell me they own different size bras that all fit.  Also, the same size implant will create different sized breasts in different women.  It depends on how much breast tissue you start with, the placement of the implant and the size and muscularity of your chest wall.  I would recommend that you not focus on the cup size, but rather the amount of fullness you desire.  If you think 330 cc is a little too big for you, discuss it with your surgeon.