Why is my Right Taking So Long to Drop?

Q: I underwent a augmentation surgery two weeks ago and while I am in love with the left the right is still sitting very high and has not dropped into nearly as nice of a place as the left. I have read that your breasts can drop at different rates but I am strating to freak out! I am taking muscle relaxors, doing daily massage and taking milk thistle. Anyone have experience with this and can share a story that will ease my mind? I know it is early but I wonder why one would drop so much sooner

A:  My guess would be that you are right-handed.  Even though you are resting, you still use your dominant side more than the left side of your body.  This frequent usage of your right sided chest muscles can slow the descent of the right implant.  Rest assured – it will drop into position.  If you are still concerned, schedule an appointment with your plastic surgeon