No Clearly Defined Inframammary Fold. They Are Flat, Too. Correction Options?

Q: As a pre-teen I never wore a training bra because I was teased about my growing breasts (by insensitive, ignorant boys) so I used to hide them by tying them down so they wouldn’t protrude. Now at 36, my breasts are flat and since they are small, I have no clearly defined crease. Can this be fixed surgically? Would it be wise to do so?

A: Breast augmentation with implants is a great procedure to add volume to flat breasts.  Filling out your breasts will also create an inframammary fold.  You are the only person who can decide if this is a wise choice for you.  I would advise meeting with a plastic surgeon to discuss your options.  Many women in your circumstance opt for a small to moderate sized implant to create a natural look.