I Am 5’5 1/2″ 125 Pounds is 450cc Going to Be to Big?

Q:  I am getting Natrelle saline implants 420’s filled to 450cc. My doctor assures me that they will look natural and will not be to big as I am long wasted and slightly taller. I do not want to look like a porn star or a stripper. Is 450cc to big? I am a b cup currently.

A:  This is a tough question to answer – especially without a photo of you and your measurements.  The same size/profile implants will look different on different women depending on your frame and muscularity.  I would definitely recommend trying on a range of implant sizers with an unpadded bra.  This will give you and your surgeon a good idea of the size you would like to be.  He or she may still recommend a different size for your implants to give you the look you want.  Breast enlargement is not an exact science.  It seems like it should be simple to say I’m a B cup now and I want to be a C so what size/profile implant should I use, but it isn’t that easy.  I recommend choosing your surgeon carefully.  Make sure he or she is board certified in plastic surgery, look at lots of before and after pictures and inquire about how frequently he or she performs breast augmentation surgeries.  Once you are confident you are dealing with an expert who has given other patients results that you like, rely on his or her expertise.  Breast augmentation is a popular procedure and most of us perform tons.  That gives us lots of experience with implant sizing.