I Am 15 with a Cup Size Bigger Breast What Should I Do in Till I Am Old Enough for Surgery?

Q:  my right breast is a B36 and my left breast is an A34. No one I know in my family has this issue. I feel like im running out of optionss because my right breast seems to grow farely quickly and my left has be the same size for over a year. Also is there a chance my left breast could grow anymore? I know I should talk to my doctor about this but I cant wait any longer to get answers.

A: Please be reassured that the asymmetry you are describing is VERY common!  Surgical correction is often possible (I generally recommend enlarging the smaller side), but I do recommend waiting until your breasts have fully developed.  If breast augmentation surgery is performed prior to that time, the right side could continue to grow and you would be left uneven again.  In the meantime, look for bras with removable pads (Victoria’s secret has a nice selection) and remove the padding from your larger side.  It is possible that you were born with a lack of breast tissue on the left in which case cosmetic surgery might be covered by your medical insurance.