Do You Lose 50 Cc’s with Behind the Muscle Silicone Implant Placement?

Q:  I am getting silicone breast implants on Friday and am really scared of going too big. I am currently a “B”; I want to be a “C”. I have chosen 350cc in hopes they will look like the 300-325 implant I tried at my doctor’s office.

A:  Deciding what size breast implant to use is more complicated than it seems.  I recommend approaching your plastic surgeon with a desired cup size in mind.  For me, once I have a general idea of my patient’s desired breast size, I ask her to try on various sizers in my office.  Once she decides which sizer is most comfortable for her, we can select an implant size and profile together.  Silicone implants tend to be smaller than the sizer, so I frequently go up a size.  I also tend to increase the actual implant size (compared to the sizer) for placement under the muscle.