Concerned About Tubular Breasts – Considering Breast Augmentation?

Q: I am 19 years old, no children. I am really unhappy with the shape of my breasts. Smaller in size and asymmetrical, they seem to have a mild to moderate “constricted” appearance and lack fullness (particularly in the lower pole) that is usually seen in tuberous breasts. I am seriously considering getting a breast augmentation within the next few years and would like to know if it is possible for me to achieve a more rounded, symmetric look.

A:I think you would be a great candidate for breast surgery.  Based on your pictures, you seem to have a constricted breast.  You have a few options.  I would definitely recommend placement of an implant under the breast tissue (subglandular).  You may also need loosening (scoring) of the constricted side.  You could also consider a lift (mastopexy) but that would depend on your personal preference.