Can Implant Lift Saggy Breast? (photo)

Q:  hi,I am 32 old lady ,I have breast feed my 2 kids and now my breast is saggy which I’don’t like it.I am34 B and would like firmer breast ,can the implants lift them and make them look firmer with medium implants as I don’t want a very large implants.Thank you

A:  Great question.  Breast implants alone won’t lift your breasts, but I’m not sure you actually need a lift.  We base our determination of sagging (your doctor will call it ptosis) based on the position of your nipple relative to the fold under your breasts.  Your nipples seem to be in good position, so a breast augmentation alone may be enough to give you the fullness you desire.  Please see the link below to view one of my patients whose pre-op breasts are similar to yours