Armpit Incision for Breast Augmentation Because Nipples Are Small?


What is recommended going through the armpit or the nipple for a 350cc silicone implant? I have very small nipples that are very round and on the darker side. please let me know the pros and cons.

The Dr. recommended the armpit because my nipples are small. I am concerned about the scar size on my armpit and I am worried that it will be visible. I don’t want to have to worry about these scars showing in the summer time. please let me know your opinions.

A: I agree that a periareolar (nipple) incision is not the best choice given your nipple size and choice of silicone implants.  I would recommend an inframammary (under the breast) approach for you.  I love silicone implants, but they require a larger incision because they go in already inflated.  I like the under the breast incision because it allows for precise placement of the implant and the breast itself generally hides the scar.