Are my Breasts Too Far Apart to Acheive a Good Result? (photo)

Q:  Having browsed hundreds of before and after photos the best reults seem to be when breasts are a good shape before surgery. My nipples seem really far apart compared to pictures ive seen, i dont want a wide gap and no cleveage. How can i avoid this? And what kind of results can i expect with under the muscle silicone implants of approx 290cc. Distance across chest between nipples is 17cm and collarbone straight down to nipple is same.

A: I think you have made a great choice in your type and size of implants.  290 cc silicone implants placed under the muscle should give you a good deal of fullness while still looking natural.  Be sure to talk to your surgeon about cleavage before the procedure – a good technique should keep the implants from sitting too far apart.