Laser resurfacing is necessary when you live in a sunny climate. The beauty and the harshness of the Georgia sun means that eventually women of lighter complexion will need treatment for wrinkles because the exposure to sun and pollution, destroys collagen which is the main protein of connective tissue that keeps skin plump and line-free.

Fractional Co2 Laser is a skin-resurfacing treatment that delivers powerful results. The goal of laser facial skin rejuvenation is to improve the appearance of the skin by softening deep wrinkles, diminishing superficial wrinkles and fine lines, reversing sun damage and sun spots, getting rid of precancerous cells, erase acne scarring and tighten the skin.

Laser resurfacing is quick, accomplished in about 3 sessions, with about four day’s downtime. The effects are thought to last eight to 10 years.

Patients with darker complexions are not good candidates because they are at risk for pigmentation loss.

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