Breast Reconstruction Atlanta

Are you considering a breast reconstruction?

Are you a breast cancer survivor looking to restore your pre-mastectomy contour? Do you have severe breast asymmetry which impedes your ability to shop for bras? If so, schedule an appointment with me, Dr. Jimerson, at Advanced Plastic Surgery Solutions so that we can decide together if breast reconstruction is right for you.

What are the benefits of a breast reconstruction?

Let’s face it – our culture places a lot of focus on women’s breasts. Some women have lost one or both breasts to cancer. Others have breasts with dramatically different sizes. These conditions can negatively affect your self-image and make it hard to fit in clothing. Breast reconstruction surgery can re-create one or both breasts. It can also reshape and resize breasts to make them even. Many women find that in addition to an improvement in their appearance, breast reconstruction can improve self confidence.

What should I expect during my breast reconstruction consultation?

We will discuss your concerns about your breasts. If you are a breast cancer survivor, we will discuss your cancer staging and current or future breast cancer treatment. I will examine you and photograph your breasts. Based on your examination and your concerns, we will discuss your options for surgical correction. There are many different methods of breast reconstruction. I can only determine the right surgery for you after talking to you and examining you, that is why the consultation is so important.

Frequently asked questions about breast reconstruction surgery:

Is breast reconstruction surgery right for me? (Am I a candidate for a breast reconstruction?)

  • If you have had one or both breasts surgically removed you may benefit from breast reconstruction surgery
  • Breast reconstruction can help you if you have one underdeveloped breast
  • If you have severe breast asymmetry that makes it hard to find bras that fit, a breast reconstruction might help you

What should I expect during the physical exam portion of my consultation?

  • I will do a thorough examination of your breasts and chest wall
  • I will perform measurements that will help ensure that both breasts are similar in size after surgery
  • I will photograph your breasts before breast reconstruction

What are the various types of the breast reconstruction?

  • A breast implant can make one small breast larger
  • A breast implant can replace one or both breasts that have been surgically removed
  • Tissue from other areas of the body can be used to re-create a breast or breasts that have been surgically removed
  • A breast reduction can make a larger breast smaller
  • A breast lift can lift a breast that sags lower than the other side

Breast Reconstruction Procedure Overview:

Time involved, anesthesia, recovery time and other things involved in breast reconstruction:

  • Breast reconstruction is performed under general anesthesia.
  • Many patients go home the same day.
  • Because some women require an expansion of skin, it sometimes takes more than one surgery to achieve final results.

After your breast reconstruction surgery:

  • Recovery time varies depending on the procedure that is best for you. Expect to return to normal activities about 2 weeks after your breast reconstruction.
  • The amount of pain experienced after breast reconstruction is usually only mild to moderate. You will have a prescription for pain medicine before leaving the hospital.

Your new look:

  • While you will notice a dramatic improvement in your appearance immediately following your breast reconstruction, your final appearance will not be evident for several months, after all swelling has resolved.
  • Many women choose to combine breast reconstruction with other cosmetic procedures such as tummy tuck or liposuction.

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