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Having a child is a wonderful, life-changing thing, but it can also alter your breasts so much that you no longer recognize them. Suddenly, your breasts begin to sag or look “deflated.” Your nipples may even be pointing downward. It can make you feel insecure and unattractive.

Even if you’ve never been pregnant, genetics or the aging process (particularly if you have large breasts) may cause breast tissue to sag. Luckily, Dr. Jimerson can perform a simple cosmetic procedure that can lift and reshape your breasts, bringing them back to the way they looked before you had your kids.

A breast lift in Atlanta (also called a mastopexy) can help your clothes fit better and make you feel sexier and more womanly. In fact, you will even be able to go braless with confidence!

Dr. Jimerson is board certified as a plastic surgeon and has extensive experience performing successful breast lifts, which restores the confidence of his patients and helps them to feel great again about how they look. He has performed breast lifts for women from all over the country. He can do the same for you.

If you’re also dissatisfied with the size of your breasts, Dr. Jimerson can give you breast implants (also called breast augmentation) at the same time as your breast lift. You may also decide to have a tummy tuck or liposuction in order to have a full mommy makeover that can give you a brand new lease on life.

Dr. Jimerson understands how important a woman’s breasts are to her self-esteem, and he prides himself on being sensitive to your needs and concerns. He invites you to review the information here, as well as his credentials and before and after breast lift pictures. If you have any questions, please give us a call right away at 678-205-8400. We’ll be happy to chat with you. If you just want to do some research for now, please join our Facebook and Twitter pages and subscribe to our newsletter.

Is breast lift surgery right for me? (Am I a candidate for a mastopexy?)

If you are happy with the size of your breasts, but you want a perkier shape, you are a candidate. Good candidates for breast lifts are already at their ideal weight. Changes in body weight after a breast lift could cause breasts to sag again. A breast lift should be performed AFTER you are done having children and finished breastfeeding. Pregnancy and nursing cause breast changes and frequently lead to sagging. Breastfeeding can be affected by breast lift surgery.

What are the benefits of a breast lift?

  • Breast lift surgery removes excess skin and repositions the breast to a perky position.
  • A breast lift can improve the way you look and feel in and out of your clothing.
  • A breast lift can boost you confidence level.
  • A breast lift can allow you to wear dresses and tops without a bra.

What are the various types of the breast lift surgery?

  • Breast augmentation alone will increase the fullness of breasts. For women with minimal sagging, this procedure might be enough to lift the nipple to a more perky position.
  • Crescent or Benelli breast lift- these techniques are performed with incisions around the areola (the pigmented portion around the nipple). These procedures are meant for women with mild sagging.
  • Vertical (“lollipop” ) breast lift-This lift has an incision around the areola and another vertical incision from the areola to the fold under the breasts. It can be used for women with moderate sagging.
  • Full Breast Lift-Most breast lifts are done with three incisions: one around the areola, a vertical incision from the areola to the fold under the breast and a horizontal incision in the fold under the breasts.

How will you look after your breast lift?

Your breasts will sit higher on your chest and will look rounder and shapelier as a result. A breast lift does not make your breasts larger, though. If you want to increase the size of your breasts, you can have a breast augmentation at the same time as your lift.

How is a Breast Lift Preformed?

During a breast lift, Dr. Jimerson removes stretched, excess skin and tightens it in order to lift and reshape the breasts. The procedure is usually done under general anesthesia and takes about 3 hours to perform.

There are many different ways that Dr. Jimerson can perform a breast lift depending on the degree of sagging that you have. Minimal sagging can sometimes be corrected with a breast augmentation; however most times a breast lift is required (alone or along with an augmentation). During your breast lift Dr. Jimerson will make an incision around your areola (the pigmented skin around the nipple). Sometimes a second or third incision is needed. Dr. Jimerson then repositions the nipples to a higher place on the chest so that your breasts look natural and in the proper, youthful position

What can you expect during a breast lift consultation in Atlanta?

Before you undergo a breast lift, Dr. Jimerson will meet with you to discuss your goals for your figure. He will need to take a detailed medical history, and will want to know if you have had any problems with your breasts, including lumps. He will also discuss any types of medications, herbs or supplements that you are currently taking. During the physical exam portion of your consultation, he will perform a thorough breast exam to check for lumps. If anything unusual is detected, you will need to see your primary care physician prior to your breast lift. Various measurements of your breasts and chest wall will be taken as well as preoperative photos.

If you want to find out how successful a breast lift might be for you, there is an option to email photos of your breasts to Dr. Jimerson for a preliminary evaluation. Of course, before surgery can be performed, you will need to have a one-on-one consultation so that we can determine which procedure is appropriate for you.

Are you ready to restore the beauty to your breasts? Please call or e-mail our office today to talk about your mastopexy in Atlanta.

To schedule your initial cosmetic surgery consultation at Advanced Plastic Surgery Solutions, LLC in Atlanta, Georgia or to ask any questions you may have:

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Preparing for your breast lift:

  • Breast lift procedures must be done under general anesthesia.
  • Breast lift surgery takes about 3 hours to perform.
  • You can go home the same day, but you must bring someone with you to drive you home. The anesthetic will make you feel drowsy for a while.
  • Smoking will impede your healing process and put you at risk of a reaction to the anesthesia. Therefore, you will need to stop smoking for a month before and a month after your breast lift.

After your mastoplexy in Atlanta:

  • While you’ll be able to see results right away, the results will get even better over the next few months as your breasts finish the healing process and settle into their final, higher position.
  • There may be some swelling, bruising, and a feeling of tightness around the incisions for a period of time.
  • Dr. Jimerson will give you a prescription for pain medication to relieve any discomfort you feel after your breast lift.
  • Dressings will be applied to your incisions, and you will need to change them periodically for a few days.
  • You will be asked to wear a support bra or elastic bandage around your breasts for at least a few days in order to reduce swelling.
  • Sutures are absorbable and will not need to be removed.
  • You can go back to work and resume normal daily activities in about two weeks.
  • You should be able to start exercising again within 4-6 weeks.
  • Your breasts can begin to sag again as a result of another pregnancy and the aging process, but a breast lift lasts a long time. To prevent future sagging, it helps if you eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and prevent your weight from moving up and down the scale too much.
  • If you’ve come to Atlanta from out of town, make arrangements to stay at least a couple of days after your procedure.

Your new look:

  • Your breasts will be restored to their normal high position.
  • You may want to also make your breasts larger/fuller by scheduling a breast augmentation (breast implants) at the same time as your breast lift. Many women also combine a breast lift with a tummy tuck or liposuction for full body contouring.

Contact our office today at 678-205-8400 to find out how a breast lift in Atlanta can restore the beauty of your breasts!

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