Preparing for your consultation

Step 1- Planning for your surgery

Before your consultation, you should look over your calendar and decide when the best time to schedule your surgery. For most procedures, please allow yourself two weeks to recover before going back to work. You will also need someone that can care for you during the initial days after surgery, especially if you have small children.

The best time to schedule your surgery with Dr. Jimerson is on the day of your consultation. Dr. Jimerson’s schedule remains booked for several weeks in advance. Scheduling your surgery on the day of your consultation allows you to reserve the first available date and time that is convenient for you.

Our patient care coordinators are available to discuss any financial arrangements you may need. Many patients find it helpful to start preparing financially before their consultation. That way, they can book their surgery at their consultation.

The Links below will help you prepare for your inital consultation:

Procedure Costs

Financing options

New patient forms