Will or Can Another Doctor Provide After Care in the US for Sugery, You May Have Had Done Overseas?

Q:  I’m thinking about going to the Dominican Republic for surgery and would like to know if by chance, Being a diabetic type 2 I develope some kind of complication or infection , will a doctor here in the us treat me or will I have to fend for myself?

A:  There are many reasons to be nervous about surgical procedures performed outside the US.  Certainly, there are qualified surgeons outside our borders, but it may be more difficult to navigate a foreign certification process and be sure your doctor is qualified to perform your surgery.  Same concern applies to the hospital or surgery center where the procedure takes place.  I am also concerned about you medically.  You are right, being diabetic can increase your surgical risk and risk for post-operative complications.  Many medical insurance plans do not cover the costs associated with treatment of complications of cosmetic surgery – I would recommend calling your carrier to check this in advance.  You are also right that it might be difficult to find a surgeon who will be willing to undertake your care if you need it.  It can be very difficult to take care of post-operative patient without the details of what took place during the surgery.  Please consider having your surgery performed here in the US by a board-certified plastic surgeon.