What is the Difference Between Butt Augmentation and Brazilian Lift and Which is a Better Route?

Q:  I’m 128 pounds height 5’3 I’m looking for the best option, to go. Also what is the difference between the both . Also i was 117. Most of the weight is in the stomach area.

A:  A Brazilian Butt lift is a specific type of butt augmentation like a Ford is a specific type of car.  The Brazilian butt lift is fat transfer to the butt.  I use liposuction to shape the midsection and remove fat from unwanted areas and then inject this fat into the buttocks.  The other option for buttock enlargement is a silicone implant.  Fat transfer (Brazilian Butt Lift) is my favorite method for a lot of reasons.  First, it looks and feels natural.  Second, you can customize (with implants you have a set option of sizes/shapes).  Third, you get liposuction to slim your midsection, which, in my opinion, is just as important as shapely buttocks.