What All Needs to Be Done to Fix my Breast Assymetry?

Q:  I have done so much research on breast augmentation and am ready to schedule a surgery.I want to make sure I am going with the right surgeon that has experience with breast assymetry.I would like to have 34D-DD as an end result, but i don’t know if this is possible with my left breast being MUCH smaller than the right. The left breast is an A while the right is a large C.I have read that removing breast tissue from the larger breast should be done, as well as a lollipop lift for nipple symmetry.

A:  Thank you for sharing your story and photos.  I think that your asymmetry can be improved through surgery on both breasts, but it is unlikely that any procedure or combination of procedures will make your breasts match exactly.    I would recommend placement of a tissue expander on the left (smaller) side and an implant on the right side.  Once both breasts are the desired size, I would do a second procedure to address nipple placement and areola size (a breast lift) on the right breast.  With this degree of asymmetry, I think two separate procedures are warranted to achieve the best result.