Should I Get a Tummy Tuck or Can I Work out and Fix This? (photo)

Q:  I was wondering if I should get a tummy tuck I’m 25 years old and I lost about 100 pounds in about a year but I mostly did just running like I run a mile every night if it can be fixed by ab workouts i will do it but I was wondering if I could just work out and get it to fix itself or If no matter how much I work out it won’t help cause i really don’t want to have a tummy tuck I heard its painful and knowing my luck I’d get like a blood clot and die cause I heard that could happen

A:  Congratulations on your weight loss!  Based on your photos, it seems you are dealing with excess abdominal skin.  Working out is not going to solve the problem.  This is common after losing a lot of weight – sometimes the skin does not “snap back.”  A tummy tuck is the right procedure to remove this excess skin.  While you can expect some discomfort during recovery, most of my patients tell me it is worth it not to have to deal with the extra skin hanging over.  While there is no way to completely remove the risk of a blood clot, we go to great lengths to decrease the risk in my surgery center!  I would suggest meeting with a board-certified plastic surgeon.  He or she can evaluate you to tell you for sure if you are a surgical candidate as well as discuss the risk of surgery after reviewing your medical history.