Replacement of Implants, Original Cancer and Radiation in 1985? (photo)

Q:  I had lumpectomy & radiation in 1985. I got UM silicone implants in June 2011. Left radiated side 400cc, right 325cc. Easy recovery; no problems – left breast is nice but firmer & smaller and right is softer & lower. Not really noticeable in bra. Can I increase the left side rather than reduce the right w new implant? Can I lift the right w/o moving nipple? Will I always be asymmetrical regardless of what I do? I am 61 and really don’t want a big major surgery. Options? Opinions? THX!

A:  Thank you for your question.  I generally don’t perform fat transfer to the breast after lumpectomy.  There appears to be some capsular contracture on the smaller side.  This could be corrected in conjunction with placement of a larger implant on that side.  Lifting the larger side (mastopexy) would involve moving the nipple.