My Butt is High on my Back! With a Brazillan Butt Lift, Can This Problem Be Corrected?

Q:  5’9 227 lbs with square butt that sits extremely high. I’ve been assured by my physician that he will be able to fix this appearance with the BBL but I’m a little uncertain. This is quite a bit of money not to get what I want.

A:  It’s hard to answer exactly without seeing a picture of you, but in general, the Brazilian Butt Lift can help with the position of the buttocks.  Fat can be added to the upper thighs lengthening your butt.  Combining this with liposuction at the top of the buttocks, the butt can be repositioned a bit lower.  Make sure you discuss your desires with your surgeon prior to your surgery date.  It is crucial that you and he or she are on the same page.