Is It Possible to Get 1000 Cc’s Transfered to My Butt?

Q: Here are some pictures, I’m 5’3 39in waist 39in hips… I carry my weight in my stomach, back and arms I want a very noticeable frame is it possible to get 1000cc transferred?

A: I think you would have a good result from a Brazilian Butt lift.  As you already know, the Brazilian Butt Lift uses fat harvested from other areas of the body to enlarge and enhance the buttocks.  I am frequently asked to transfer a certain amount of fat into each buttock.  I tell all my patients that I cannot guarantee the amount of fat that will be transferred.  This procedure is as much artistry as science and it is very difficult – even for experienced plastic surgeons – to be able to tell in advance how much fat will be needed to produce the desired result, nor can I always be sure I will be able to harvest a given amount of fat. Rather than focusing on the amount of fat you want, talk to your surgeon about the result you want.  Provide wish pictures if at all possible.  While no one can guarantee a specific post-operative appearance, an experienced plastic surgeon can give you a good idea if your goal is achievable based on examination of your butt and the amount of fat you have available.