I Am Considering Doing a Brazilian Butt Lift. I Am Wondering if It Will Help with Lovehandles? (photo)

Q:  I would like to know if a brazilian butt lift would help shrink my waist and lovehandles at all. Currently my measurements are 34-30-38 I would like to have a smaller waist and a little more booty. I have been working out and eating right but my waist line seems to have this fat that is harder to get rid of.

A:  During a Brazilian Butt lift, I use liposuction to remove fat from unwanted areas and then inject that fat into the butt to give shapely curves.  Generally, the fat can easily be harvested from the midsection (tummy, waist and/or lovehandles).  It would be nice to have a back view to assess just how much fat you have in your lovehandles.  Liposuction was designed for people like you who have stubborn fat stores despite a healthy diet and regular exercise.