I Am 5’4″ and Around 120-125 (Always) I Want a Breast Aug and a BBL. Do I Look As Though It Might Be a Benefit? (photo)

Q:  I’m really invested in getting this procedure done but Im having the absolute hardest time gaining weight. O.O I’m naturally just not that into food but lately I have eaten more & think I have gained at least 2 pounds… YAYYYY! Is there a special diet I should be on to gain weight quickly? I’d like to know if it looks like ill need a tummy tuck as well? I really REALLY hope not because I scar like crazy! Also as far as I know 200-300 cc is not enough. Could I have more than I think? Thank you!

A: Based on your pictures, I don’t think you need a tummy tuck. Whether or not a Brazilian Butt Lift is the best option for you depends on how big you want your butt. I think you will love the effect of the liposuction on your tummy, but based on your current amount of fat, I don’t think you will end up with a huge butt.  If you are looking for a dramatic increase in size of your butt, you might consider butt implants alone or combined with fat grafting.  Some of my patients have had good success gaining weight by adding 1-2 cans of Ensure daily.

I would need to examine your breasts further – you may be a candidate for a breast lift, but it is hard to tell from your pictures.  If you opt for a breast augmentation alone (I know you are concerned about scarring), you should understand that this will not elevate the nipples (it won’t make your breasts perkier).