How Much You Have to Weigh to Get InjectIon?

Q:  I’m 4 9 and I weigh 115 is it safe to get hydrogel injected into my butt

A:  Hydrogel injections are not safe – no matter your size or age.  I do not know any reputable plastic surgeons who use these injections for butt augmentation.  Frequently these shots are not administered by a doctor at all.  They are NOT approved by the FDA and quite often you have no idea what is actually being injected into you.  By going with hydrogel, you are putting yourself at risk for infection, scarring, disfigurement and even death.  I have seen countless young women in my office requesting help after having hydrogel injections in their bottoms.  Most times I have nothing to offer them.  Please continue your research.  If you are interested in surgical enlargement of your butt, consider a Brazilian Butt Lift (transfer of your own extra fat into your bottom) or buttock implants instead.