Do I Have a Realistic Tummy Tuck Expectations?

Q: I am 5 foot 7 inches tall 168 pounds, while standing my stomach really protrudes but while laying on my back it is mostly concave and when i grab my stomach it feels like most of the fat is above my muscles. I measured and at my belly button there is a 4 inch difference between standing up and laying down. So could i achieve the concave/flat results my stomach gets while laying down with a full tummy tuck w/muscle repair and lipo of hip/flanks and upper abdomen or is this unrealistic?

A:  Discussing your expectations is one of the most important conversations you can have with your plastic surgeon!  A photo of you would be extremely helpful.  From your description, I don’t think you should expect to be concave when standing.  That’s rarely achievable for anyone.  However, it sounds like you can expect a flat stomach with a tummy tuck.  Since you do not have a protruding belly when you lie flat, it sounds like repairing the abdominal muscles and removing the excess skin should give you a great result.  Best of luck!