Can More Fat Be Reabsorbed Even After One Year?

Q:  Hi I am thinking about getting a BBL done but recently became very concerned about the fat that is reabsorbed, I understand that some of it will. But is it possible to keep losing volume even after years go by? If so how can I prevent this fron happening? If possible. what are the best things I an do to keep the volume?

A: Yours is a very common concern.  I do not see continued fat resorption in my patients years after surgery.  I expect up to 30% of transferred fat to resorb – but in my experience, this occurs during the first weeks to a few months after surgery.  After that period, the fat is yours.  Having said that, the transferred fat will behave just like the other fat stores in your body – it is subject to fluctuations in your weight.  So, if you lose weight a few years after the surgery, the fat stores in your body (including the fat that was transferred to your butt) will shrink proportionally.  I and most of my colleagues compensate for fat resorption by transferring a bit more fat than you need to your buttocks during surgery.