Can I Get a Tummy Tuck Minutes After Giving Birth?

Q:  I am pregnant now and I’m extremely eager to get plastic surgery after giving birth. You hear about celebrities receiving tummy tucks the same day as giving birth. I would like something like this. I am dreading the post baby fat stomach and don’t want to wait. Any suggestions? I live in Philadelphia.

A:  Even though I can understand why it sounds like a good idea (performing a tummy tuck immediately after a C-section), it is extremely dangerous.  Not only have I never done it, I never will and I don’t know any plastic surgeons who would.  You need to give your body time to recover from pregnancy and delivery (I would recommend at least 6 months) and allow your hormone levels to return to normal.  The hormones your body produces during pregnancy drastically increase your risk of developing a blood clot – this makes performing cosmetic surgery dangerous.  Also, you don’t know what you are going to look like in a few months – you might not even need the tummy tuck!