Brazilian Butt Lift, BMI is 29, is This Too High?

Q:  My BMI is around a 28-29. I am 5″9, 195-200lbs (depends which scale)…. I would like to get my waist, upper back, arms, inner and outter thighs, as tight as possible. I have surgery on these areas in one week, my surgeon is out of town until the day of surgery so I cannot meet with him. I was told to lose 20 pounds prior to surgery (I thought it was a bit much), I was not able to lose much weight and now I am worried I should reschedule, but I really don’t want to! Here are my pics, opinions?

A:  Thank you for your question. More important than your weight or BMI is your fat distribution. As you know, two people the exact same height and weight can have different amounts of fat stores. Based on your pictures, I think you will have a great result from a Brazilian Butt lift. You have enough fat to nicely round out your buttocks. Determining whether or not to lose weight before surgery will depend on how slender you want to be after surgery.