Am I a Candidate for Brazilian Butt Lift? (photo)

Q: I’m 29 5 “7” 190, and I’ve been checking out the stats for a fat transfer to the butt and hips, I’m currently living in Sioux Falls Sd, and there isn’t a single Dr close by who can do what I want. Does anyone know where I can go for a good price, and do I even qualify to receive this procedure?

A: Based on your photos I think you would have a nice result from a Brazilian Butt Lift.  As you know, the procedure uses liposuction to sculpt your midsection and harvest fat which is then injected into your buttocks to shape them.  I am suspicious that in order to have the completely flat abdomen shown in your wish picture, you may also need a tummy tuck.  You would need an exam by a board certified plastic surgeon to tell for sure.  I do not know any plastic surgeons in South Dakota.  I perform Brazilian Butt Lifts regularly in my surgery center just outside of Atlanta.