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Hourglass Body Shape?

posted by ajimerson

Q:  I am 20 years old. I have been considering plastic surgery for some time now but I am afraid that i wont get the results I desire. I am a very pettite woman I weight 12o, and I am 5’3. I have very boyish hips, no bootie at all. I want an Hourglass shape with nice feminie hips and a Nice round butt. My question is would i be able to have wide feminie hips after? What kind of implants do you use for the butt area and what are the risks?

A: It’s a little hard to get a good view from your pictures, but based on what I see, I think you would be a good candidate for fat grafting to the butt and hips.  I would perform liposuction on your midsection – abdomen, flanks and lower back – then use that harvested fat to fill out your butt and hips.  I think you would have a great outcome!  You could certainly consider butt implants (they are silicone), but that will not address your hips or midsection.  The Brazilian Butt lift (fat grafting) is my preferred method to give an hourglass shape – it includes liposuction to address unwanted fat stores and gives a very natural look.

Will I Be Able to Do Workouts for my Butt (Squats, Lunges) Normally After Butt Implants?

posted by ajimerson

Q:  Will I Be Able to Do Workouts for my Butt (Squats, Lunges) Normally After Butt Implants? Can It Also Get Bigger and Firmer?

A:  After you have recovered, you can resume working out – including workouts for your butt.  Talk to your surgeon about how long he or she would like you to wait.  I caution my butt implant patients about avoiding heavy weights when working out their butts after surgery.  My concern is that strenuous workouts could cause the implant pocket to expand and this could lead to shifting of the implant.

I Am Interested in Having an Hour Glass Curvy Shape with the Least Scarring Possible?

posted by ajimerson

Q:  Im 29 and had 2 kids via c-sections. I was at 252lbs and lost 77lbs in last 3yrs. I have typical latin shape big lower body/small upper body. No matter how much cardio/weights I do stomach/ butt/thighs dont budge. Do you recommend I have a brazilian butt lift which lipos my problem areas and give me the look I want or would lipo not take care of the stomach due to pregnancy or would I benefit from a tummy tuck? The stretchmarks dont bug me just dont want the skin on tummy to sag after lipo. HELP

A:  The Brazilian Butt Lift is a great procedure for creating the hourglass shape you desire.  You could harvest fat from your abdomen and flanks and use that to give your butt fullness and shape.  You could certainly add on additional areas of liposuction (like thighs) if you like.  It is tough to assess your skin quality from your photos (they are a bit dark).  During a consultation, your plastic surgeon can tell you whether or not you need a tummy tuck.  I often perform BBL and tummy tuck together in my Atlanta surgery center.

Enough Fat for BBL?

posted by ajimerson

Q:  Hi, I’m 5 8 – 5 9″ and weight 140 pounds I had been trying to gain weight but can’t put more than 15 pounds…so I’m 152 pounds now and would like to know if I have enough fat for BBL. Thanks

A: Based on your pictures, I think you could have a nice result from a Brazilian Butt Lift!  It looks like you have harvestable fat on your abdomen, flanks and thighs.  It would be a good idea to meet with a board certified plastic surgeon for a consult to discuss your desired result.

BBL Before or After Pregnancy?

posted by ajimerson

Q:  Hi! I really really REALLY am in a dilemma- where I feel the BBL is something I truly want within the next 6-8 months. I absolutely… POSITIVELY would prefer to do this now, however god willing, I will likely attempt to experience healthy pregnancy and childbirth within the next 3-5 years. With my overwhelming desire to complete this procedure now, what are your honest recommendations (I will absolutely follow the recommendations of the physicians advice on this matter)

A:  If you had said you were planning a pregnancy this year, I would advise waiting until after childbirth, but since you are planning to have kids in 3-5 years, I don’t see why you can’t have a BBL now.  Neither liposuction nor fat transfer will affect your fertility and those surgeries do not pose a risk to future pregnancies.  Pregnancy does change your body.  One of the reasons many plastic surgeons counsel women to wait until after childbearing to have surgery is that pregnancy can “undo” the effect of the surgery. There is no predicting how your body will change during pregnancy and you may desire another procedure after you are done having kids.

Can BBL and BL Be Done at the Same Time? Also, Can I put 53 Pounds Into My Butt

posted by ajimerson

Q:  I want to have my fat transfer to my buttocks ..But I wish to have 53 pounds transfer to my butt area is that enough for a stop traffic type of butt ? Can it be done ?I want it to be very noticeable …I’m 189 pounds 5’6 and Ive always wanted a nice butt and I also want breast lift I have big breast and there kind of heavy so they sag my bra down a bit I wish for them to stay up is it possible to get both procedure done within a two week time frame?

A:  I frequently combine breast procedures with Brazilian Butt Lifts in my Atlanta surgery center.  You should not lay on your butt for at least 2 weeks after the procedure and your chest will be sore as well.  Many of my patients have used maternity pillows to position themselves on their sides for the first weeks after surgery.  At your size, you likely have enough fat to create a VERY noticeable behind, but you can’t transfer 53 lbs to your butt safely.

I’m 20 Years Old and Am Unsure if the Saline Implants I Get Will Be the Best Think for Me?

posted by ajimerson

Q:  I’m 20 years old, Caucasian, 5ft6 and 130 pounds. I’ve been looking into getting saline implants as I’m not 22 yet and cannot get the silicone. I’ve heard alot of bad things about saline and I’m hoping y’all can put my mind at ease. How common is rippling? And how natural will it look/feel? Also, I’ve heard that if you have smaller breasts, that you shouldn’t get a dramatic increase in bust size like say from 32A to a 32D. Is this true? Lastly, should I get it above or below the muscle? Thanks!

A:  You are correct that silicone breast implants are only approved for use at age 22 and older so right now saline implants are your only option.  Saline implants can give a nice, natural result.  I prefer silicone for women who are seeking a dramatic increase in breast size (like from an A to a D) and for women with a small amount of natural breast tissue.  I love the dual plane approach where the implants (saline or silicone) are placed partially under the muscle – this also helps me achieve a more natural appearance since the implants aren’t sitting right under the skin.  You should also be aware that your nipples are spaced far apart.  This cannot be corrected with breast augmentation and will probably be more noticeable.  Please also keep in mind that you have the option of having saline implants now and going up a cup size or two.  You can see how they look over the next 2 years and switch to silicone if you want at age 22.

Tear Drop Vs Round Breast Implants for Petite Build?

posted by ajimerson

Q:  Hi! I’m a 19 year old girl who is petite build, short about 150cm (4’9″), breast size about an A cup and is going to get Breast implants but I’m not sure which style to go for. I was told the tear drop as it is more natural and due to my petite built. I just wanted to know if I were to get round implants would it look that bad?

A: I only use round implants for breast augmentation. By selecting the correct volume and profile, they can give a very natural look. I always like to hold a round implant at the top to demonstrate that the saline or silicone inside sinks to the bottom with gravity.  This helps create more fullness at the bottom – like a natural breast. Unlike your natural breast tissue, breast implants move around in the pocket we create.  Tear drop breast implant manufacturers try to reduce this by “roughing up” or contouring the outside of the implant.  This texture encourages your skin and muscles to adhere to the implant and help hold it in place.  Either way, it creates problems.  If you skin doesn’t adhere to a tear drop shaped implant, the implant can rotate giving you an oddly shaped and asymmetric breast.  This can be visible even through clothing.  If your tissue does stick to the implant, this can lead to rippling and make the implant very visible under your skin.  In my opinion, tear drop shaped implants are best reserved for breast reconstruction.

Can I Give Birth After a Breast Lift?

posted by ajimerson

Q: Can I give birth after a breast lift?

A: Having a breast lift (mastopexy) will not affect your fertility.  Pregnancy does cause changes in the breasts and it is hard to predict exactly what those changes will be.  It is possible that you may desire another breast procedure after you are done having children.

Is It Possible to Get 1000 Cc’s Transfered to My Butt?

posted by ajimerson

Q: Here are some pictures, I’m 5’3 39in waist 39in hips… I carry my weight in my stomach, back and arms I want a very noticeable frame is it possible to get 1000cc transferred?

A: I think you would have a good result from a Brazilian Butt lift.  As you already know, the Brazilian Butt Lift uses fat harvested from other areas of the body to enlarge and enhance the buttocks.  I am frequently asked to transfer a certain amount of fat into each buttock.  I tell all my patients that I cannot guarantee the amount of fat that will be transferred.  This procedure is as much artistry as science and it is very difficult – even for experienced plastic surgeons – to be able to tell in advance how much fat will be needed to produce the desired result, nor can I always be sure I will be able to harvest a given amount of fat. Rather than focusing on the amount of fat you want, talk to your surgeon about the result you want.  Provide wish pictures if at all possible.  While no one can guarantee a specific post-operative appearance, an experienced plastic surgeon can give you a good idea if your goal is achievable based on examination of your butt and the amount of fat you have available.