I Have a Mild Productive Cough, Tummy Tuck in 3 Days! Should I Reschedule Surgery?

Q:  I have been coughing over a week now with a sore throat , it was bad and it felt like I was coughing up my toenails, cough is productive clear and now its just mild , lungs clear, no fever occ sneeze .. sore throat s gone.. I feel fine… I’m just worried I will be coughing after procedure and make things worse!!!!should I reschedule ???

A:  Your health and safety are the primary concern.  For this reason, I would recommend delaying surgery until you are fully recovered.  Having cold symptoms (even just a cough) increases your risk during anesthesia.  General anesthesia involves the use of a ventilator.  Having cold symptoms -especially a productive cough – can make breathing for you difficult.  It can also increase your risk of anesthesia complications after the surgery.  Additionally, coughing will be VERY painful after tummy tuck.

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