Can Bbl Be Performed in 2 Hrs?

Q:Hi I have consulted different doctors and every one dr told me bbl surgery will take 2 hr another told me 4. And one dr told me 6. Is this true that the longer surgery will give Me better results?

A: It is common for the same surgical procedure to take differing amounts of time depending on who is performing it and at what location. A longer procedure time will not necessarily produce a better result. I would compare it to a custom made dress – the length of time required to produce the dress will vary based on the seamstress, but you might end up with identical dresses regardless of the time required.  I would not recommend using proposed length of surgical time as a deciding factor in selecting your surgeon.  Instead, I would make sure all candidates are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and then compare before and after photos and experience in performing the Brazilian Butt lift.

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