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Is Fat Transfer Surgery Safe and Worth It?

Q: I’m considering fat transfer surgery to enhance my buttocks and minimize my stomach. I’m also thinking about having a breast lift as well. What are my risk? Cost? Etc…i honesty think it’s worth it but i need a medical professionals opinion…

A:  Fat transfer to the butt (Brazilian Butt Lift) from the abdomen is a very popular procedure.  You may even be able to combine it with a breast lift.  The Brazilian butt lift uses your own fat to enlarge your buttocks.  It looks and feels very natural and the scars are minimal.  It has the added bonus of using liposuction to minimize and sculpt your midsection.  Your risks will depend on your medical and surgical history.  In general, I always counsel my patients about the risk of infection, bleeding and blood clot formation after this or any surgery.  Consider meeting with a board certified plastic surgeon who can talk to you about whether or not you are a candidate and what your specific risks may be.  He or she can also give you cost information.