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Now is the perfect time to get fabulous for the summer.  Whether it is going the the beach, or looking great in your shorts and tank tops, feeling fabulous is a must.  Give us a call so that you can be super fine by summertime!!


Time To Get Super Fine by Summertime

BOTOX $9 per unit

Juvederm $450 per syringe

Tummy Tuck $5200 (cash)
Add liposuction on ($600 per area)

Liposuction 1 area $3200 (cash)
Additional areas $600 per area

Breast Augmentation $3700 saline (cash)
Silicone $4700 (cash)

Fat Grafting to buttock $7700 (cash)
Buttock implants $7700 (cash)

Breast Lift $3700 (cash)
Breast lift w/ saline implant $5000 (cash)
Breast lift w/ silicone implant $6000 (cash)

Fat grafting to the breast $5000 (cash)
Additional areas $600 per area

Laser Hair Removal 25% of package price

 Financing and payment options available.

Special ends August 31st, 2010
(Pay your Deposit by 8/31/2010 to hold your price until the end of 2010. You don’t have to know your surgery date to hold your price)